Are you exhausted by the time and effort it takes to stay updated with the latest in the Game Boy community? With no centralized platform, you have to use a dozen different sources to stay informed which means less time for gaming! That’s where GB Grotto fits in. A source of news within the growing industry and fresh reviews on commercial releases all for you in one centralized location.

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I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Tyler and I’ve been a part of the community since 2021 when I discovered GB Studio and the Discord community. Shortly after I joined the 2022 Game Boy Showdown game jam where I made a 5-minute adventure game called A Short Day. I immediately fell in love with the process and continued to delve deep into GB Studio as a development platform. But even before that, I started my Game Boy journey like many others, as a kid frustrated at the lights along the road flashing by while in the back of my parent’s car just trying to get a glimpse of the screen on my Grape Game Boy Color. Today, I’m an avid restorer of broken Game Boy systems that didn’t quite make it, and I have a great passion for bringing even the most damaged ones back to life!

What initially sparked the idea for this platform is A Letter To The GB Community by Gumpy Function, whom I’ve followed since the very beginning of my journey when he released Super Jacked Up Tomato Face Johnson in the same game jam. I’d like to be clear that I have no affiliation with Gumpy Function and I’m quite sure we haven’t even had a conversation before. There are just so many passionate and skilled people in this community, including the great people over at GB Studio Central, and they all instill a drive in me to be a creator.

So this is what I’ve settled on. GB Grotto – The ultimate source for modern Game Boy reviews & news. I’m excited to start and I’d like to discuss some things you can expect coming up.

First of all, the website is still a work in progress. After you’ve finished the article here, please explore the site! Any feedback, bugs, or comments can be sent to or comment below. You’ll also notice that there is already a review up! While I want to focus on new commercial releases there is a backlog of games that lack exposure that I’d like to look at. Glory Hunters by 2think Design Studios looks to be my first review of any upcoming new releases, but expect a few reviews of recently released games before that. You can also find my thoughts on review rating systems and how GB Grotto’s 5-star rating system works here.

Along with reviews, there will be intermittent news posts about upcoming releases and general industry information. An Upcoming Games section will also be added as a tool for the community to see release schedules for future titles being released in the industry. If you are a publisher and would like to help with keeping GB Grotto updated on your new releases reach out at

Finally, you may have noticed the Support Us button at the top of the page. I am the only contributor and the ongoing costs of the site aren’t something I’d like to handle on my own in the long term. I’d also be very interested in having other contributors and paying them for their efforts. If you’d like to give your support you can do so by joining our membership program. The incentives include exclusive behind-the-scenes posts, Discord roles, a link of your choice posted on the site, and the ability to vote in polls to choose which games are reviewed first! GB Grotto will not accept donations from publishers.

I think that wraps things up! I hope to see you in the next post and thanks for reading!

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