Rating System

An effective rating system is crucial to help identify the difference between the quality of games. We’ve put a lot of time and effort into defining this system and focusing on the overall goals of the system.

We’ve set out to inform readers about not only the quality of the game but also whether or not it may be worth purchasing based on their gameplay history and how much value they can expect from their purchases.

At the end of the day, a review is an opinion piece about the writer’s experiences and not an exact science. Reviews should focus on what kind of experience the developers intended to give and if that matches up with reality. Games should be fun and that is what reviews at GB Grotto will focus on.

Reserved for truly amazing games. These games excel in every aspect but also push the boundaries of what’s possible with the limited resources of vintage handhelds. They offer unforgettable experiences through fun gameplay mechanics, excellent visuals, and immersive narratives. Considered a must buy for any gamer with plenty of value.

This rating indicates a game that excels in most aspects. These games offer fun gameplay, impressive or stylized visuals, and great storytelling. They are highly recommended especially for fans of the genre and offer good value.

A solid game that can offer enjoyable gameplay, decent art, and aspects of compelling stories. There may be some flaws but they don’t interfere with a fun overall experience. Recommended to fans of the genre but could be a good introduction for those who are less experienced.

A two star rating means that while the game might have some good qualities, it falls short in too many areas that negatively affect the experience. These games usually lack a level of polish or depth and result in average or worse gameplay. Usually not recommended as this type of game offers low value.

This rating is reserved for games with significant flaws. The overall experience is frustrating and is likely unplayable in its current state. These games offer almost no value and are not recommended to anyone.